Technology can do wonders, isn’t it? Mobile apps are so common these days that one doesn’t have to do a course to understand what these mobile apps are. Almost every firm be it big or small, has its own app that helps the company to come one step closer to its consumers. 

Companies do understand that having a mobile app is much more effective tactic than having a mobile-friendly website. Even a coffee shop near your house has its own mobile app. We are here to tell why exactly your business needs its own mobile app.

Effectual promotional tool

Undoubtedly, website of your firm reaches a wide range of audience but no one is there to be on computer or laptop on the go! And with the augmentation in number of mobile users and their ease to access internet from anywhere and anytime, a mobile app is always handy. People do their transactions, trading etc with just one tap on their mobile screens. Mobile Apps are future and there is no uncertainty in it.


In-app advertising is one thing that would allow you to earn money while your consumers are using your mobile app. If stats are taken into account, in 2015, revenue generated by mobile apps worldwide, touched a whopping figure of 41.1 billion U.S. dollars. This number would perk up to 101 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. The social network giant, Facebook makes its 78% of revenue from its mobile app. However, if not done correctly, in-app advertising might result in negative ratings thereby bringing the popularity a little low. Therefore, make smart moves by incorporating it that creates revenue for you also entertain the consumers.

Describe your products

Your mobile app would provide a full detail of your services and products that you are ready to offer to the consumers. It’s a perfect tool. Keep providing update and push notifications from time to time whenever some new product or service is added. Lucrative discounts and offers are another thing that engages the consumer in a mobile app and helps your firm grow with good reviews.

Cut throat competition

With the heavy duty competition in the market today, it is very important to create your own space without disturbing the others. If you have a startup, having a mobile app turns out to be amongst the essentials. You could become the first one in your area and friend-circle who is offering a mobile app. With the mobile app being counted amongst the essentials, with Devoir Technologies your search ends here. We help you to create a crisp and interesting mobile app for your business, which would make you come one step closer to your consumers and assure better and positive results for your firm.