It is clear that AI has brought the revolution in digital marketing. Nonetheless, it is like a fuel to technological advancement. AI is now a crucial ingredient that is on its way to becoming the king of the advertising realm. So, what are its impact and how it can transform the online marketing! Dive in to know.


AI programmatic advertising is optimizing the campaigns by determining important metrics such as the best keywords and custom affinities. This further aids in building rapport. AI utilizes machine learning and automation that helps in delivering ads efficiently.

Well, in 2017, it’s been seen that programmatic advertising spiked to 79.8 per cent of US display ads and it will indeed rise as the time passes by. When it comes to the revenues from AI, you will indeed be amazed.

Preventing Fraud 

In this digital age, online advertising is the boom, but you cannot run away from the fact that advertising fraud is rife in the ad world.

Now, traditional anti-fraud detection systems are not on the list of advertisers. You might be surprised to see that research shows, last year bot fraud cost advertisers around $ 6.5 billion.

Well, until now it’s only Kubient that has created the AI-based fraud prevention system. It is pretty faster than the traditional system. This system is capable of monitoring action on advertising auctions at the pace of under ten milliseconds. It can even kick the advanced bots from bidding on ads.

So, campaigns will be more effective, and advertisers will take a sigh of relief as they know that they are not squandering money advertising to bots.

Personalized Advertising

Personalization has been a buzzword in advertizing! Brands desire to connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

Now the key thing is, artificial intelligence knows well how to target the relevant users. Whenever a particular type of campaign is run, AI will avoid the users who have never interacted with that type of advertisement. AI will know who will likely to be engaged and who will not, thereby making personalized advertising actually personal.


Apart from these, it will increase customer communication, and will even streamline the marketing decisions.

You might have heard about AI-powered voice assistants! It is indeed gaining huge popularity! Now, AI is accentuating business-consumer relationship just by setting off for a conversation.

When glancing in the future, we can see the infinite potential of machine learning and AI in digital advertising. AI will undoubtedly dominate the world of advertising.